Design and architecture fanatic. Malek has accomplished multinational projects and led multi-disciplinary teams around the globe. With an extended experience in Innovation and technology, he brings all his knowledge to a new practice focused on creating exceptional experiences in a human-interaction context.
Graduated from the highly acknowledged Master Program of Keio Media Design in tokyo japan, he focuses on the development of ubiquitous interactive products and user experience design based on service-dominant logic. malek is currently working on designing and envisioning life on mars.


an empathic approach to decipher the secret of one of the most cherished neighbourhoods in tokyo.

Why people are free in shimo?

Shimokitazawa, or Shimokita, is a hip cultural quarter with a lingering old-Tokyo vibe. Unlike the rest of Tokyo, people behave out of the way here and I went on a observational behavioral analysis to discover why It feels very free and chill to be here !