Paris in all its glory


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the time will come to everyone to reconsider issues about the deepself. the time once came to a cow who suffered from being milk/ meat producer, cow turned out to be a social element in a world where humans need no wheels for transportation, no legs to walk, no tongue to express, no energy to create and no need of a mother to raise up babies. at that time a single voice would be noise, a flickering would be blinding light and a thought, a source of hope for a better world.cow used to produce milk consumes milk, cow used to feed the body starts to eat meat, used to eat hashish starts to smoke hashish. unfortunately that didnt give cow the expectation cow had. cow found cowself a social element limited by silly rules put by psychologically oppressed humans. however cow filled the time atttending college and working; as cowers <humans> did not like cow but needed cow for the high level of intelligence cow shows. consequently cow suffered but cow cant be a cow anymore, wherever cow goes, feels bothered from the noise, to cow the surrounding a noise source, the human a chaotic destroyer, the life a compliccated question, the society a noise. all of this created a powerful push to invent suitable machines that disconnect the outside world from cow and and enables cow to select the voice cow wants to hear wherever it is, select the scene want to see, a source in the eyes to create clear light in addition to a suitable furniture for the cow living. cow provides a connection into the deepself to keep oneself, D i s c o n n e c t H e a r u r s e l f .