Branding and website

Embarkation Law Firm

The design process of rebranding and designing the website of Embarkation Law Firm – a leading Immigration law firm in Vancouver. I lead the accomplishment of this project from the early phases to art direction and UX/UI design.

Experience UX/UI
Design of immigration clients.

The challenge

The challenge was to engage lawyers who are usually stuck in the daily struggle defending their clients’ cases in the design thinking process.


after a long discovery phase in their office and with their clients we decided to base the concept of what they do as creating a future for people by helping them migrate and start a new life in Canada.


As a result, we invited their previous clients and met together again displaying the new life they are enjoying was the result of the efforts of Embarkation lawyers.

Questionnaire and structure

We engage the stakeholder by considering them as part of the design team. As a lead designer on the project I crafted questionnaires, structure and planning for the whole process.

UX/UI process

From Persona creation to scenarios and producing different concepts, it was much easier to decide which way suits best their clients on the other side of the screen.