smarter, safer, and more reliable.

RESTAUSMART improves the management of F&B businesses by providing reliable simple smart-tools that control food safety, reduce the human-factor error, and boost sustainability.

The Next Generation
Smart Thermometers

RestauSmart system is a complete solution to monitor your coolers and freezers. RestauSmart devices are placed in your equipment and report sensor values to the RestauSmart portal.
For local display of temperatures, the RS App serves as a dashboard and displays the temperatures of all your devices in one central screen.

Background and Goals



The Aim was to innovate for food safety aspects within the Food & Beverage industry. The approach is to offer a simple solution for a critical monitoring and logging problem to maintain food safety requirements.
My partner and I started Restausmart and built the product from early initiation to completion.



RESTAUSMART sustains food-safety in restaurants by connecting facility equipment (coolers, fridges, cold and hot holding units) through smart tools that provide restaurant managers with accurate live data, alerts and reports.


business case

Our process thoroughly applied HCD innovation methods and strategy, from ideation, tinkering, data analysis to user experience design, testing, and iterating. In parallel, we were drafting business design based on business models to indicate optimal pricing, customer segments, and sales strategy.


The process



I initiated market research and data collection aiming to build up the case for the validity of the idea emphasizing the problem, the need, and how to tackle solutions.



Fieldwork . Research

Although F&B businesses still rely on pen and paper to record data, I was more curious about discovering the behavior of the users and their willingness to shift their habits into a reliable digital solution. This user research was essential in measuring the validity of our proposition.


Market Discovery

In order to do so, I conducted several interviews with restaurant and café owners and operators using questionnaires and proposing hypothetical scenarios to depict certain results. Subsequently, we tested prototypes with a selection of restaurants that believed that Reastausmart tools would be essential to optimize their food safety monitoring and logging.




+ WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

+ Rechargeable battery, up to 1 year for each charge

+ Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm x 130mm

+ Weight: 102gr

+ Operating temperatures: -50ºC to +50ºC



+ WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

+ Rechargeable battery, up to 7 days for each charge

+ Dimensions: 30mm x 58mm x 18mm

with 25cm sensor arm

+ Weight: 120gr

+ Operating temperatures: -4ºC to +120ºC for sensor arm



+ Central dashboard displaying temperature, last update and battery level 

The portal with AI food-safety

The RestauSmart portal is a centralized management system for your Restausmart devices. The RestauSmart portal is a secure cloud service that allows you to monitor the health of your equipment and alerts you if any piece of equipment reports an out of range temperature.


+ Secure multi-user cloud service

+ Central dashboard displaying temperature, last update and battery level


+ Daily, weekly and monthly graphs

+ Monthly report for each device, twice per day

+ RestauSmart device management

+ Custom temperature ranges for each device

Locartion Mgt

+ Locations management

+ Email and SMS alerts


+ Artificial Intelligence for detecting unusual temperature readings that prevents or predicts

equipment failure

+ App that serves as a local centralized dashboard for all RestauSmart devices.