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The process

I have lead the navigation strategy and environment design of numerous projects around the world. From studying the passenger\’s navigation within airports to strategizing the identity of the environment in large scale spaces. Most of these projects relied on innovating a solution based on fieldwork and deep research on the human and the space.

Here are some brief examples of projects I have led and successfully accomplished

Terminals\’ Environment as the four elements of life.

Location: Egypt
Client: Dar

To subtly guide passengers within an airport is a challenge that comes with every design for a new airport.
For Hurghada Intl. airport I have designed the whole environment identity as we well as strategizing the passengers\’ flow within the concourse\’ space.

the whole concept was based on the concept of the 4 elements of life – experienced in an airport situated in the desert right next to a beautiful coast. 


Towns like an aquarium in the desert

Location: KSA
Client: Dar

This is a project that reflects the impact of story telling in problem solving. This is one of the largest housing projects in KSA.

The team of architects initially planned this project but once a cluster was built, the client did not approve the progress. I was called to come up with a solution as an experiential strategist. Through my analysis I found out that the project lacked a sense of a human touch and identity especially with the dull color -scheme that was attributed to the project.  So i applied experiential centred architecture studies which lead me to come up with the concept “aquarium in the desert” changing the whole strategy of coding by remodelling focal points based on scenarios of the future communities who are going to live in Al Qasr.

After a detailed presentation, we got the approval of the client who was very happy with the proposed solution.

Then I lead the whole scheme strategy until the completion of the project.


Terminals for pilgrimage

Location: Senegal
Client: Dar

the following is another project of my professional experience for strategizing the experience within an airport environment.  I led the contextual research as well as the conceptualize the interior architectural spaces of the pilgrimage-dedicated terminal in Blaise Diagne airport.

The terminal reflects a transitional journey where the traveler will experience piety & holiness in reach of purification. It is an experience of a space being the starting point & reflecting the
destination point for this pilgrimage journey, where one’s state of mind is set to reach higher level of faith, an inner reconcili- ation peace. When the pilgrims reach the Hajj terminal, they will live an evolving mood from the heavy sins to the feeling of serenity, peace, spirituality & piousness…


New towns, new inspirations

Location: Doha
Client: Dar

When assigned to lead the strategy of space identity in Pearl Doha I chose light as a primary factor in the environment identity as a practical use into bringing greater brilliance into architecture while taking advantage of Qatar\’s sunny and warm weather. The reflection of light as well embodies a reflection of  a vision displaying a considerate life style, luxury, elegance and comfort sought in a relaxing, cozy and warm space.



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