Innovation Strategy

& Design

I led the launch or enhancement of several businesses crafting business strategy based on design thinking and innovation strategies.Fields of Experience:Healthcare Service, F&B, Retail, Architecture, Product.

My process



1.  Discovery . Fieldwork . Research

Through behavioural modeling and stakeholders-mapping I overlap the stakeholders vision with the research based on behavioural models to nudge a new experience that aligns the stakeholders goals with new perspectives.

2. Market insight and road-mapping

Drawing an action  plan and implementation strategy to market discovery for a new product/service offering, I build a solid UX roadmap for  product or services.

A prioritization plan for a healthcare “launch countries” in the MENAA prioritization plan for a healthcare “launch countries” in the MENA
Country Inclusion MetricsA prioritization plan for a healthcare “launch countries” in the MENA
Entrepreneurial Commonalities and Trends

My process

3. Architecture and Analysis

Developing Choice architecture design to narrow down decisions related to enhancing consumers/customer about the client\’s product and services.
Competitor analysis is my evident tool to understand the competitors\’ strengths and weaknesses, and where a product or service stands with their audience.


4. Strategy

Based on quantitative and qualitative research insights I develop design strategies and market entry for products/services


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