Intelligent Digital design:


The process

I have led the digitization strategy and design for numerous firms and businesses. From studying businesses enhancing their models, startups defining their structure, to online shops owners who want to offer a smarter service.

Here are some brief examples of projects I have led and successfully accomplished

Laywers defending people creatively

Location: Canada
Client: Embarkation Law 

The design process of rebranding and designing the image and digital presence of Embarkation Law Firm – a leading Immigration law firm in Canada.

My challenge was  to engage lawyers who are usually stuck in the daily struggle defending their clients’ cases in the design thinking process. After a fruitful discovery phase during which we conducted interviews with their staff in the offices as well as some of their clients, we reached a valuable humane finding. As a result, we invited their previous clients and met together again displaying the new life they are enjoying was the result of the efforts of Embarkation lawyers.

Embarkation practices immigration law as a way of creating new beginnings for people by helping them migrate and lead a new future in Canada.


AI empowering entrepreneurs

Location: Canada
Client: BeU

BeU, Montréal\’s proud brand for 100% personalized skincare products. We redesigned their website featuring an AI cosmetician who will help customer and propose a range of body or face personalized products  through an online skin diagnosis. Customer (users) can either shop the classic way from an online shop or do the Ai skin diagnosis.

I led the cross-platform redesign of BeU Cosmetics. My role was to achieve the stakeholder\’s goals through an innovative way allowing users to personalize their products and create a smart backend that manages the procurement process.  
My responsibilities included meeting with stakeholders and coaching them to align their vision with  concrete goals. In addition to user research, concept development, product strategy, aligning stakeholders on product goals, information architecture, designing user flows, visual design, interaction design, prototyping, user testing, and quality assurance.


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