Family Reunification

Embarkation understands the significance of family and the importance of building a future with your loved ones. We help our clients sponsor their family members to Canada – spouses, children, parents, grandparents and other relatives.

When a family risks being broken apart by deportation, we fight for their right to be together in Canada. Embarkation understands the traumatic effects of forced separation, so when sponsorship is not a viable option, we work hard to find other solutions for immigration. We believe that families belong together.

Arshpreet and Nelson had a long and difficult journey before being reunited in Canada. They met, fell in love and got married in Canada. Arshpreet returned to India, and Nelson started the sponsorship process. For years, their applications were refused because immigration officers did not believe Arshpreet and Nelson were in a genuine relationship. Even after their daughter was born, immigration officers still argued it was not a real marriage and blocked Arshpreet from returning to Canada.

Nelson eventually hired Embarkation to help navigate the bureaucracy, and prove that their marriage was real. With our help, Arshpreet’s application was finally approved after seven years of separation and frustration. Arshpreet became a permanent resident, and their daughter was granted Canadian citizenship.

Since Arshpreet moved to Canada, we helped her parents get visitor visas to spend time with their grandchild and in-laws. Nelson told us that he wished he had hired Embarkation earlier! It is our honour and joy to help families live together and visit each other in Canada.

We believe that Canada has an important role in offering safe haven to those fleeing persecution and war. For people who cannot safely return to their home countries, we guide them through the refugee determination system. For those in Canada without legal immigration status, or who are inadmissible, we assist them in seeking humanitarian and compassionate exemptions to what would otherwise be the harsh impact of the law.

Emmanuel made his way to Canada after fleeing violence and extortion in his home country. Like many refugees, his path to Canada was not straight-forward or easy. After finally arriving in Canada, he was faced with navigating the complex refugee claim process with minimal English.

Embarkation lawyers assisted Emmanuel with his legal process, including an eventual Federal Court motion to stop his deportation. Eight years after leaving his home country, Emmanuel became a proud permanent resident of Canada. After he regularized his status, Emmanuel sponsored his partner, Jolene, and her daughter, Maria, to Canada. After eleven years of legal uncertainty and family separation, Emmanuel, Jolene and Maria now live together – as a family – in Canada. Victor started his own successful small business that employs Canadians.

His journey – from refugee with an uncertain future to a successful business owner – exemplifies the deep economic, cultural and social contributions immigrants and refugees make to Canada.