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Business Strategy Design

Innovation Strategy & Design I led the launch or enhancement of several businesses crafting business strategy based on design thinking and innovation strategies.Fields of Experience:Healthcare Service, F&B, Retail, Architecture, Product. My process Previous Next 1.  Discovery . Fieldwork . Research Through behavioural modeling and stakeholders-mapping I overlap the stakeholders vision with the research based on […]

Intelligent digital strategy

Intelligent Digital design: strategy/design/branding The process I have led the digitization strategy and design for numerous firms and businesses. From studying businesses enhancing their models, startups defining their structure, to online shops owners who want to offer a smarter service. Here are some brief examples of projects I have led and successfully accomplished Laywers defending […]

Strategies for Spaces in Architecture

Strategies for Spaces in Architecture The process I have lead the navigation strategy and environment design of numerous projects around the world. From studying the passenger\’s navigation within airports to strategizing the identity of the environment in large scale spaces. Most of these projects relied on innovating a solution based on fieldwork and deep research […]

Product Innovation & Design

Product Innovation/Design From product innovation to shifting services offering to smart and functional, I focus on creating a simple solution for the business and market requirements using design thinking and innovation strategies. The process 1.  Discovery I initiate market research and data collection aiming to build up the case for the validity of the idea […]

Environmental Signage Design​

Environmental Signage Design I have led the design execution for Environment Identity packages and signage and wayfinding packages as the leader of the visual and environment-identity design team of the interior architecture department in Dar – Cairo or as sub-contractor for various interior architecture boutiques. The process Mural at the canteen of Dar headquarters I have […]